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tv   Headline News  RT  June 1, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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chaotic scenes in turkey's major cities after a harsh police response environmental rally triggers an angry backlash and other parts of the country. passions give way to violence in frankfurt and baton wielding riot police plow into march in protest there's threatening a second day of paralysis for the euro zone's financial capital. an american and a british citizen are killed in the syrian war fighting on antacids side of it fears that the program will rather it is pushing westerners to foreign battlefields .
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watching r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshing welcome to the program a human rights activists have reported that at least three foreigners including a british man and an american woman have been killed fighting alongside gravels and the syrian war they were shot dead jury an ambush near the turkish border and it clear signs both were taking part in military action the woman is thought to be a thirty three year old single mother from michigan more details from our. the american woman that killed fighting alongside opposition forces in syria has been identified as thirty three year old nicole lynn mansfield her driver license photo in which she's pictured wearing a headscarf was broadcast by a syrian television station mansfield reportedly converted to islam after falling in love and marrying an arab immigrant according to her family mansfield forced
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that man three years ago now the u.s. is reportedly working via the czech republic mission in syria to obtain more information about mansfield's but this is not the first case of an american fighting in syria earlier this year eric haroon a former u.s. soldier made headlines when he posted videos of himself online in which he appeared to be fighting with rebel groups holding weapons and driving with fighters through contested parts of syria shirl's saad your days are numbered you're going down in flames you should just quit now while you can and leave. you're going to die no matter what where you go we will find you and kill you ironically the u.s. state department recently demanded that hezbollah immediately withdraw its fighters from syria saying that their involvement on the side of president assad signaled
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what many of the war but in the meantime the u.s. state department it seems can't keep track of its own citizens involvement in the civil war reporting from new york bring up or not partake. avenues of westerners being killed in syria's battles backs up a recent report by europe's anti terror body it suggest that isa designs have traveled to syria in their hundreds in the last two years many entering the country as jihad is the largest number are believed to come from the u.k. and france politics professor stephen zuma says it's common and war is where a western interests are complicit we saw some cases of this involving no libya and indeed in afghanistan back in the days of the anti soviet resistance there are a lot of muslims around the world who have been concerned about the brutal repression coming down from the assad regime against the syrian people but unfortunately many of them have been up looking upwards on the organizations that
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are pretty nasty in their own right this is it is fairly unusual though to actually have americans coming in in fact ironically just as there are some elements within the u.s. government pushing for greater u.s. involvement support the rebels we have other branches of the government that have actually been under suffering in prosecuting americans that have sought to join some of the more extreme elements of the opposition. now a group of hunger strikers at guantanamo bay prison have written an open appeal for an end to force feeding procedures calling for independent doctors to assess the best treatments for them thirty six detainees are now being force fed out of one hundred and three detainees some of whom have been starving themselves for almost four months now so let's look at what the inmates say about a procedure the u.n. labels as torture in their own words the prisoner say they don't wish to die but op repaired to run the risk after more than
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a decade of it inhuman and degrading treatment the detainees say when they try to refuse the treatments it is forced upon them sometimes violently and they say the procedure is extremely painful and done in abusive conditions the letter also accuses medics of performing a treatment experiment on an unprecedented scale and richardson an attorney for going told him a detainee described what her client is being subjected to. if you ginny's are really attempting to have treatment be restored to them as human beings and rather than being punished and treated like animals i have had my client tell me many times they treat animals better than they are treating the detainees my client has been kept in solitary confinement many of his items were taken away from him including attorney client mail he was not allowed to have a tooth brush toothpaste or so in his cell for many many weeks i don't know yet you can if he's got enough to this day. they have made the conditions
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a dime's very reason cold for them in the cells they are requiring that they submit to very humiliating searches of their genital area in order to meet with their attorneys or op with them on the telephone. it is just humiliating it's been difficult for them to sleep at night they are sometimes taken for their showers in the middle of the night so they have to decide between sleep and getting a little bit of clement s. it's just been very cute. how scuffles have broken out in the euro zone financial capital on the second day of anto staring protests frankfurt is home to the european central bank and institution that protesters say is responsible for much of europe's current economic predicament while it's now across life to artie's peer all over for more on the situation there. oh to peter so tell us how serious is the trouble that appears to have flared up because stop p.p.i. . peter well blocky pi is essentially become stock p.p.i.
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here in frankfurt a standoff is underway between police and protesters say what was supposed to be a marched right through the middle of the german financial capital by until storage c n n t fascist demonstrates is only lasted really five hundred meters before police rounds while several hundred riot police in full kit came into the crowd this was from what we've seen because some of the protesters were throwing paint perhaps other objects towards the police there was certainly a lot of paint on the ground but what it is left is the. way you can see just behind me is the tail end of the demonstration it organizers say is as tens of thousands strong it goes all the way around the the european central bank headquarters here in frankfurt the police have now separated into two groups speed lines of riot police and they are letting anybody through or past and it's not
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moving anywhere at the moment now the police did go in we saw some pepper spray being used they did take several people away whether those people are being arrested or just moved to one side it was unclear from where we were stood but this certainly doesn't seem to be anything that's going to be going anywhere anytime soon police and protesters are they say locked in a standoff that isn't moving anywhere at the moment the whole area around the european central bank headquarters here in frankfurt thing turned into something more noticeable of a a military blockade than a military defensive point than a pancake or barbed wire and fences stopping anybody from getting near them and as i say lines of riot police stopping demonstrates is from continuing with this march right here thanks very much for the sub date and with your help we will continue to monitor the situation and the euro zone's financial capital frankfurt where anti-press protests are taking place at the moment. michael
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ross from the european financial blog m m news says the unrest we're seeing is being used by as the word is to dispense with democracy and i think this is one step more towards six in the eurozone the eurozone and you has nothing to do with democracy anymore and what i fear most is that all this crisis if you will causes leads to a structure that's which are far far away from democracy i mean i don't want a eurozone boss i want somebody whom i can believe whom i can trust and who i'm also able to elect but what's going on at the moment is that there are people in front of us like in the home when you do this is where the politicians and the people decide what's going on i think that's not good for the future will take also jeff take america united states of america fifty million food stamps there this is not an aside so we are we have all of the same problem and maybe that occupy and
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those protests that we see are only the beginning of a vast protest and demonstration all over the europe all over europe but also all over the world in jeopardy and united states as well and the public discontent and political fractures are also snaking their way across the highest echelons of the e.u. russel's is taking the u.k. to court for refusing to provide european citizens with the same benefits it bestows on britain's westminster's vowing to fight every step of the way to protect its own loss artie's tesser cilia is following the story. the european commission is once again looking more closely at the affairs of its member states not one that's making particular noise especially among the citizens of that country is the commission's decision to launch a case against the u.k. of the european court of justice because the commission says that the u.k. has the discriminatory against nationals of other e.u. countries in receiving welfare now there's already been reaction from the u.k. particularly angry ones from the government i want to from the work and pensions
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secretary who says that he will want to cave in he says a brussels is once again launching a land grab an overreaching in its areas of responsibilities and meddling into the affairs of national governments now we have spoken to a legal expert to explain to us why the commission has done what it has. a case where the commission. for feeling that we. know that he wants to have a referendum in two thousand and seventeen you want to renegotiate the treaty. i mean but the. respect to this latest move by brussels has once again brought to the forefront issues like sovereignty of member states immigration or the pressure put on social welfare systems the very issues the really have led to would increase and support for euro skeptic parties and countries like the u.k. now can the commission is looking also at another country and it says that it has received complaints of the e.u. insurance health card which is supposed to entitle e.u.
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citizens to free health care in public hospitals while they're traveling to other countries within the block and it has been refused by some spanish hospitals so one the one hand you have the commission maintaining that it's simply implementing the rules on the other you have accusations that brussels is once again dipping into the affairs of national governments and in the context of a grave economic crisis and very public displays of social dissatisfaction this is yet another stress test for the e.u. as it tries to move forward reporting from brussels i'm tess are cilia out about twenty five minutes max kaiser and stays with her to explore some of the more unconventional ways of forcing people to pay back their dad. restrains labor camps for poor taxpayers so if you owe back taxes and you don't have any money to pay it well the government is looking for an army camp in the attic or region two people who have debts to the tax authorities serving their sentence confirm the deputy minister for justice in the greek parliament now he's saying this is
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a more humane solution because they're building these unique death camps. camps at a former army base but there won't be any rapists and murderers and other sorts in there so it will just be these bad debtors but i see where you're going with this is compare and contrast here's a country like iceland maintain its sovereignty number one and then recapitalized and they're smooth sailing toward growth period with their currency intact unemployment is looking good greece unfortunately is locked into the euro and they're just they've been taken over they become a vassal state from the i.m.f. and the from the troika and these global institutions so they unfortunately lost their sovereignty. how turkish police take the gloves off as protests grip the country's largest cities more on that after
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a short break in fact we'll be bringing you more on this now because what began as a local environmental protest has now spiraled into one of the largest displays of public anger turkey has seen in years we'll be bringing you more. wealthy british style. that's not right for. their private. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. to see good laboratory tim curry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which
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will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the. welcome back you're watching our teen our what began as a local environmental protest has now spiraled into one of the largest displays of public anger turkey has seen in years clashes between police and activists have continued into the second day in istanbul earlier a thousand strong crowd blocked the bridge while marching across the city initially
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the protests was to stop a government backed plans to demolish a park in the middle of a stamboul to build a shopping mall but i have a hand in response from police which deployed tear gas and use water cannon on friday triggered unrest elsewhere and. the capital ankara riot police they are pushed back protesters who were trying to reach they have quarters of the ruling justice and development party turkish reporter my hears and all drawings us now live from istanbul for more on the situation there so many here tell us a bit more about what's happening where you are right now and the signs that things may be calming down anytime soon. but when we look at pete in the past five or six hours or so we can see that the clashes between protesters and the police forces have been slowing down compared to a few years. in the istanbul streets and other cities including the capital ankara . and and then they go to the prime minister the one trying to
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silence and accordingly saying that we are not against greening the stumble and trying to justify what is his government was doing in central istanbul where the protests have started so on it all depends on the people's. understanding of what prime minister was trying to do he will send a very defined and and everything will be determined after how the government. will only want to answer the protests started peaceful way right how did it get to this point i mean why did the police had to respond in such a tough way. obviously the government and or talk show for dismissal read the protests that protest over ten or twenty people and members of you know extreme groups and and use that it was very peaceful they were camping there full of three
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days and the police used the pepper sprays and you knock your guys initially and then it just the everyday just got bigger and bigger you know tens of thousands of people joined and the protests flared so it's amazing to see how very small protests the more into a nationwide. clashes and demonstrations so it's that the government that these are the more you know groups are trying to. trying to block the you did the construction workers but it turned out that that's something that wasn't the case well listen this protest started over the park demolition people gathered there to protest that but now it's turning into something political do you agree or disagree i mean are people on happy with the current leadership. of course i mean all these protesters are not on the street just to protesting the cuts but there are several
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streets and the main opposition trying to get behind this protester said there are many many groups who are trying to hijack the protesters and that's what the prime minister acknowledge saying that there are even criminals among the protesters and that there are really sincere protests as what they call the real protesters that there are different that having legitimate demands but if the protests have been hijacked by others so we will see that this is that this has one and this has gone well beyond what they were initially protesting and it has become an opportunity for other groups to stage their protests and to use the preacher to do actually the attacks attacks police forces and and express their discontent about the government's other forces so in your opinion what would it take to calm people down . if government comes up and says that you know we're sorry it was our mistake that we really don't want. to know these or again that we're not going to build a shopping mall or
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a what they call the restoration of the story called up there in the in the central stumbles that talks to square then maybe the protests to say i mean leave the streets and to go home but the thing is that the police continue to use excessive force and they are demands you know of going beyond the park but we saw that that premise is defined and that we will not we will not step back from constructing a. circle barrack there. that this code you know little. oh so little interest among the protesters so if government you know let's step back which it would seem to be don't then maybe the test will come down and leave the streets but that's on their kids right now all right my dear is an elf reporter from the turkish daily newspaper today's amman thanks very much indeed for sharing your views with us here and telling us what's happening in a standoff at the moment. ok you. hear what you are coming to live from
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moscow now hackers was a group anonymous say they hacked into the side of agricultural giant monsanto. they briefly took the sayyaf line and a demonstration against what they say is a company's cd it's grown into all aspects of the food industry to get the details here on line. and russian smokers take a deep breath up to forty percent of the population now have to watch where the white house with a plan now in force against puffing away in public buildings the details also are online r t dot com. he says. the free rides could be about to end for russian internet users who want to get
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their music and movies the ministry of culture's got a plan for the pirates which would mean anyone involved in applauding or downloading illegal material could be slapped with a fine of up to thirty thousand dollars workers could offer explains. everyone likes music but far from everyone likes to be for it and why bother if so many different online file swappers and torrent websites can offer your fevered tunes for free online piracy has become so widespread in russia even experienced and internationally playing bands have long stopped counting on any serious profit from the seals their albums well for russian people it's kind of obvious to download music for free now on the internet and they don't have. such thing in their mentality as if you're a support. artist you like you. records online
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by cds vinyls and stuff like that so. this is not happening here how do you end up making money. concerts according to official statistics shocking ninety nine percent of online media content in russia is counterfeit and nearly seven out of ten citizens openly admit they download for free on their bullshit social mogul movie with the financial losses that just as big as the black market itself not only for cinema but music literature everything connected with intellectual property it's simply impossible to calculate how much we will lose until it's legalized the illegal media market doesn't just sap the entertainment industry's profits but it's also affecting the way future projects are financed it's no secret a big blockbuster movie needs a big budget the decorations alone need sufficient investment of both craft and cash to completely transport the audience to a whole other reality but right now in russia this cinema magic is
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a largely possible due to state funding since private investors are mostly scared away by piracy last year alone the russian government invested over two hundred million dollars in the film industry but even that level. investment struggles to tempt audiences back into theaters and away from the pirates now the president is getting involved looking for ways to legalize the contents without harming internet users personal freedoms for media bosses a lots at stake for the mobile device q we believe that it without piracy films will be able to return twice more investment state and private will say one month or three movie premieres in cinemas it could be released onto the web for free but with ads and legally. parliament is set to review a new anti-piracy draft a bill aimed at punishing all internet users not only goes up loading illegal content by downloading it as well but that's not the end of the story
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a lot more is in the frame to ensure the pirates don't get the happy ending you got to spin off r.t. moscow a check now what else is happening around the world and an explosion in a house in central brussels injuring at least seven people and sparked the blaze the building has been evacuated and fire crews are working to put out the flames it's not yet clear what caused the blast but it's thought a gas cylinder may have exploded. the leader of france's far right party could now face racism charges after the european parliamentary committee decided to revoke her and pm unity in a secret vote the move has to be confirmed by the full parliament but that's seen as only after maliki two years ago the french government open a case against marine land after she compared muslims praying in the streets with nazi occupation what he. and other deadly tornadoes hit oklahoma city killing at least five people and injuring around fifty some
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critically a mother and a baby are among the dead as the storm smashed vehicles along a major highway area's barely had a chance to start recovering from the lethal storms a fortnight ago when a mile wide tornado killed twenty four people in leveled communities. coming up max and stacey take on the euro zone crisis in the kaiser report. destruction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one spicy issue of the moment and ignore the rest jewels are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world
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is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused in cattle which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops a jew we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect by. as of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they started giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where outputting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead to slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only win that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser a fart geyser you know there are more ways to skin a cat than choking with butter and there are more ways to kill a dog than adding it to let's face it some ways are all lot better than others. max the cat we're going to skin in this episode is the debt cat and that is iceland
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gets tough with foreign creditors of failed banks iceland is a nordic free market democracy with glacier covered volcanoes and hyperactive geysers if you're into mind bendingly complex own lyrics there's bjork and sigur ros in the rarefied world of global finance iceland is also where local palms and central bankers trample on the interests of bond holders like a herd of marauding reindeer at least that's the perspective of foreign bondholders and distressed asset hedge funds hoping to recoup their investment of three icelandic lenders lend a spanking geitner bank and coutts and banks that defaulted on eighty five billion dollars of debt in two thousand and eight so they have elections in april twenty seventh of the re-elected these parties independence party and progressive party and their platform they both ran on an anti austerity platform of lower taxes and home mortgage relief to be funded in part by forcing overseas creditors to accept losses on the three point eight billion dollars and.


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